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Since our founding in 2018,  we have been determined to make an impact on our local Geelong cats by offering a desexing program that is funded by the amazing people in our community.   

Everything depends on the funds we have available so our constant need to have people like you helping us out is vital to keep this cat kindness initiative & cat desexing program goal growing. 

Our target people are the ones doing it tough or hold a healthcare card or on a pension.  You can apply for full  assistance or you can chip in for part of the cost and we can cover the rest.   We offer add on microchipping & vaccinations at great prices for our desexing clients.  If you work you can also apply to take advantage of the rates we pay.  We just want to see as many cats enter this program as possible.  

If you have a cat that has had kittens you need to check out our kitten club program.  We have a solution that will leave you kittenless with a desexed female cat never having to go through that ordeal again.   Kittens never need be given away free ever again.  We will take them all to ensure they land in the best care to be placed in beautiful homes once they to have been desexed, vaccinated & microchipped.  

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Please note we are not yet a not for profit organisation.  That process is in motion.   Until then the desexing MUST go on.    We have some exciting things coming very soon so keep checking in on us and watch our social media pages. 

Special Thanks to Dr Jon O'Connor, Nurse Sharon, Nurse Cassie & Nurse Ashlee & the amazing veterinary team at Aberdeen Veterinary Clinic for believing in this cat kindness initiative as much as we do.    

The other huge support to us is everyone working tirelessly in this very emotional area of animal rescue & animal welfare across our  district.     Until you have worked in this area you never really fully understand.    My determination to improve life for cats comes from the inspiration these people have given me.   I am so grateful for a brilliant network of incredible people. 

There are not many easy answers or easy implemented plans on improving animal welfare in our community but this program is certainly a jolly good start. 


Kind regards with warm purrs n meows

Lisa Kearns

founder of project meow

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In these tough times we need you & the cats in our community need us.   If you can contribute any amount of money, know it goes straight to helping a cat receive a de-sexing procedure. 


Every cat we de-sex has a positive impact way down the line.   It aids the health of the cat,  gives the owner peace of mind and potentially assists our local animal rescue & animal welfare organisations resources leaving them free to care for the cats already in care rather than being flooded with the preventable ones. 

Preventing life by de-sexing is responsible humane animal control. 

You can help us right here.

Bank details are 

Lisa Kearns / project meow

bsb 063097 account 23781491


 paypal.me/projectmeow via the button below.


Our success grows from your kindness




Preventing litters is so important to the health of the young & adult cats.  Ovarian & testicular cancer risks are greatly reduced or eliminated.  Behavior, straying habits & the well being of the cat improves greatly when the stress of the need to breed fades away.   

  • If you need help contact us!  Click the email us button

  • If you work & wish to book in with these great rates click the email us button.  

 Be sure to include your full name, address. work status,  mention if you need full assistance or if you can contribute something to the fee,  cats, age, name & sex  of the cat or cats so we can send you some info and get the ball rolling ! 

Taking the step to see your cat is desexed is the responsible thing to do.   This one simple procedure has a massive long term impact that goes way down the line into the future. 

With the help of our community contributing money to this program we are able to desex cats of low income homes or cats at risk living in Geelong.  

Providing de-sexing opportunaties to all cats in the City of Greater Geelong like yours is our focus. 

We also secure litters born to facilitate a positive pathway to a beautiful home once they receive the essential vet care for a healthy happy start in life.  See our Kitten Club Program.


  • You must live within the City of Greater Geelong

  • You will need to provide photo I.D with your address.

  • To receive full funding for a de-sexing procedure for your cat a CRN number will be required

  • You MUST be the owner of the cat.

  • Microchipping will be encouraged at a cost of $40 and we can not stress enough how important this is. 

  • Vaccination discounts for cats being desexed via our program are to be considered as they are part of vital cat health. 

  • If you work we can still help.  We just need you to contribute something to the cost OR take the opportunity of these great rates.

  • We also ask you share our cause with family & friends to help us reach as many cats and as much helps as we can. 




Every one of us has the power to change the direction an animal is heading.   



We are lucky to have the support of some great people and organisations.   

We do collect food for them and also for people struggling to feed their cat.   

It is important to us to see cats stay with their owners so a food bank or access to feeding assistance can be very helpful. 

Over kitten season food requirements are high.   

Please contact us first for a shopping list of what we need & the favorite brands we use so you are not wasting money on products that will likely not get used. 

We can then also give you collection & drop off options. 

Some weeks we may need flea treatments, we may need food, we may need bedding, we may just need to top up for desexing fees but no matter what we will always need you.   

You are a huge part of this & we are so grateful for your support.

Kitten Sleeping in Pet Bed


We have a purrfect solution!

This program sees all kittens taken into care within our trusted network. 

The parents Mother & Father/s of the kittens are offered FREE DESEXING .  

Oh did you know there are usually more Fathers involved than one?   

Also did you know cats are indiscriminate breeders?   They will breed within their family.  Siblings & the parents are included !   One very SIMPLE catch, all the kittens must come over to us. 

If you or any one you know would like one of the kittens they can be adopted back as soon as we have them all ready to join the family.   

An adoption fee is the best start in a health care plan for your kitten.  Adoption fees are a much more cost effective way of vetting your kitten.

If someone can not afford an adoption fee then perhaps it is not a good time for them to take this responsibility on.   We will not desex kittens for people unless the are going to pay for the full vaccination schedule and microchip costs.   Again the adoption fee is much more cost effective. 

PLEASE do not give any kittens away for free.   WE WILL COME AND PICK THEM UP.  

Free kittens are the ones most at risk of never getting their vet work completed or desexed.   All kittens are so vulnerable to disease & viruses.  Did you know fleas can KILL KITTENS?   

PLEASE see this as the best avenue for a good start to life for your  kittens.   We can even help you feed them & Mum while they are with you.    

All you need do is contact us and say "help I have kittens or I have a pregnant cat & I need you"  We will be there !   

ADOPTION FEES vs Vet costs

RANGE FROM $200 - $285

The adoption fee includes

  • A vet check

  • The 3 vital vaccinations 

  • Desexing

  • Microchip

  • Flea & worm treatment

To take a kitten in to a vet for all of these essentials the cost would be over $500.  

Part of owning a cat is being responsible for the health & wellbeing of the animal.  


We can all do something, it does not have to be huge, the smallest acts of kindness have led to the best outcome for a cat in need.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

One of the kindest things you can do for a cat is provide a desexing procedure.   
It really is life changing. 
It is good for the cats health, their well-being & our environment.

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HQ City Office  101 Little Malop Street, Geelong Victoria  3220 Australia  info@projectmeow.com.au  tel; 0458298927 

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