We all say hey I wish there was something I could do for animals & feel helpless to do much if anything. The feeling of helplessness can become more of the focus than the problem that stirred it.

Desexing one cat prevents so many other cats. Every female and every male benefits by being desexed. The positive health gains are huge, the behavior often softens and the cat will often be more homely. Mammary, ovarian & testicular cancer risk diminishes or is reduced, fighting, wandering reduces to some even stopping all that nonsense. Producing accidental unnecessary litters of kittens ENDS.

ONE SIMPLE PROCEDURE ENDS SO MUCH. If you can do anything for a cat help desex them. One female, her mate and their offspring over 4 short years can produce 2,107 cats.

This is based on only 4 of the kittens per litter surviving. In 9 years the total of cats produced is 11,606,077.

Have you ever walked through a shelter and been overwhelmed by the number of cats in care? Preventing life SAVES lives.

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