So you have found someones pet?

Updated: Aug 23, 2020


· Take the animal to a Local Vet to have it checked for a microchip & the owner called.

· Geelong Animal Welfare Society / GAWS

325 Portarlington Road, Moolap PHONE: 52 482091

· City of Greater Geelong Animal Management Team

PHONE: 52 72 5272.

during business hours for assistance with transporting the animal


· Geelong Animal Emergency / GAE

102 Fyans Street, South Geelong

PHONE: 52 222139


Have a look on social media to see if anyone has posted the animal as missing as well as posting the animal as found by you also as it helps link people and get animals back home faster.

DO NOT hang on to the animal, post the animal with a photo and where you have taken it. It is important animals are returned to their correct owners and by having a vet or organisation on board microchips are checked immediately. The owner is likely checking in with all the above mentioned seeking their pet so please act swiftly. If for some reason you can not act immediately you can always call a vet nearby just to let them know you have found the animal as they may also have had contact with an owner seeking a lost pet.

If a microchip is not found or a rego tag is not on the animal the animal will be processed at GAWS for the owner to reclaim. This is the procedure. So microchip your pets people for swift reclaim & possibly bypassing the need for your pet to go to a shelter.

By law you are not to hold on to people’s pets. Some cats for example have been lost a long period of time and they become looking like a pet no one cares for. So be careful not to presume, judge or make assumptions as I have seen it firsthand long lost cats reunited with owners at GAWS.

Deceased animals - Call council for assistance. PHONE: 52 725272

If you are firm on doing this yourself always handle with care and use gloves where possible and wrap in towels, plastic bags, and double wrap them as when an animal dies body fluid will seep from them. You must be able to wash hands immediately after handling a dead animal. You must be sensible about this.

I know we are not always prepared to pick up a deceased animal but when doing so consider moving the animal to a place where no further trauma will occur and leave for council to collect. Give council exact details on where the animal is. Note address, landmarks etc. Detail is very important.

A deceased animal on council roads will be scanned, and an owner notified if a microchip or tag is found. Post this animal also on social media in a bid to find the owner. It is an incredibly thoughtful act to take a deceased animal to a vet, BUT please be very careful with the surroundings, traffic and your own health and safety.

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