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Free Kittens are often the ones that are left with no vet care essentials or in the hands of the wrong people. Never give a kitten away to people you do not know or to people not in a position to pay the huge costs of the veterinary work that must be done. Choosing to not have this vet work done is simply irresponsible and very unfair on the cat. It is not helpful to own cats that you can not afford to desex and vaccinate.

Below I have given you an idea on why an adoption fee is the very best way to acquire a kitten and to see your kittens get the health care they need.


If you adopt from a reputable organization like Geelong Animal Rescue or Geelong Animal Welfare they will have a source number that tracks the origin of your kitten, a desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, health checked and flea/ worm treated kitten also with an idea of a personality profile. A profile is an observation from watching them develop by those who care for them.

An Adoption fees can vary on the organization.

$200 - $400 is a common cost for cats

Now if you were to go into a vet with your free kitten to get all the above done

Independently it costs so much more. Look at this breakdown. The vet fees we quote are on the low end and some vets charge more.

Boy - desex $185

Female - desex $295 (because girls are complicated)

Add the vaccinations which there are 3 essential vaccinations for kittens

1st vaccination $ 85 6 - 8 weeks

2 nd vaccination $109 10 - 12 weeks

3 rd vaccination $109 14 - 16 weeks annual boosters after this !

Microchipping $ 64

Sub total $361

BOYS $552

GIRLS $662

These independent prices do not include worming or flea treatment costs so add that to a regular cost of owning your cat. A shelter rescue group would have had all parasite flea, worm treatments done the day they arrived and throughout their care.

Please note the independent prices do vary from vet to vet. Regardless you will not get a better deal than kitten club and adopting from your local rescue group or shelter. We must be responsible & none of the things an adoption includes should ever be overlooked.

Kitten Club it is a no brainer if you have kittens you need us. It is vital we stop putting free kittens out into our community. We will take the entire litter to place them into the care of an rescue group or organization we trust 100%. They are then in the best hands to see all their essential vet work is provided including desexing so they never become contributors to the huge cat population we have in Geelong. PLUS we will desex the mother cat FOR FREE ! Visit for kitten club info.

Adoption fees are the ultimate deal for a kitten’s healthy future. An application is common practice and is the best way to match the right person to share the animals life with. Good matches are important. Another plus for adoption. Application processes strengthen the welfare aspect for the animal. It is important animals are not adopted in a walk in walk out fashion. Adopting is ultimately establishing a beautiful long term family relationship with an animal.

Our Kitten Club Program is a part of our desexing program that runs on money raised by our community. It is an animal welfare strategy to help stop accidental unnecessary breeding of cats in our community.

We do not receive for any payment for the kittens that go through our program because we are just happy to see their mother is desexed and not providing the world with more babies in the future. At times we may ask for food donations to help feed them and the mum as they ween and grow. This way we can be sure they get a good healthy start in life.

There is not much sadder than seeing a kitten pregnant with kittens or seeing kittens that are being given away free with no vet work done.

It is not helpful, it is reckless, it is dangerous and irresponsible.

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