Free Kittens are often the ones that are left with no vet care essentials or in the hands of the wrong people. Never give a kitten away to people you do not know or to people not in a position to pay the huge costs of the veterinary work that must be done. Choosing to not have this vet work done is simply irresponsible and very unfair on the cat. Below I have given you an idea on why an adoption fee is the very best way to acquire a kitten and to see your kittens get the health care they need.


If you adopt from us you get a desexed, fully vaccinated, microchipped, health checked and flea/ worm treated kitten.

Our Adoption fees is

Boys $200 Girls $285

Now if you were to go into a vet with your free kitten to get all the above done

Independently it costs so much more. Look at this breakdown.

Boy - desex alone $185

Female - desex alone $295 (because girls are complicated)

Add the vaccinations which there are 3 essential vaccinations for kittens

1st vaccination $ 85

2 nd vaccination $106

3 rd vaccination $106 Totals $294

Microchipping $ 64

BOYS $543 (no worm or flea treatment inc)

Adopt $200

GIRLS $653 (no worm or flea treatment inc)

Adopt $285

These independent prices do not include worming or flea treatment where your adoption fee certainly would.

Please note the independent prices may vary from vet to vet. Regardless you will not get a better deal than kitten club, adopting from us, adopting from your local rescue group or shelter. We must be responsible & none of the things we include should ever be overlooked.

Kitten Club it is a no brainer if you have kittens that will need homes you need us. It is vital we stop putting free kittens out into our community. We will take the entire litter & take care of making sure they never become contributors to the huge cat population we have in Geelong. PLUS we will desex the mother cat FOR FREE when you enrol all of the kittens in the litter.

The kittens can be adopted to friends & family via our program or the program of the groups we work with. Adoption fees are the ultimate deal for a kitten’s healthy future.

This program runs on money raised by our community. It is an animal welfare strategy to help stop accidental unnecessary breeding of cats in our community. We are very lucky to have a Vet that supports this desexing movement.

My apologies if this sounds harsh however there is nothing sadder than seeing a kitten pregnant with kittens. The free kittens are the most vulnerable.

Loving cats is seeing they get the vet care they need.

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